Historically Informed Practice
 for Early Keyboard Instruments


       First digital facsimile collection of Treatises and Prefaces for Early Italian Keyboard Music  
Prefaces and Treatises

G. Frescobaldi: Preface to

 Fiori Musicali


Instruments & Registration

A. Banchieri:L'organo Suonarino


Introductory Note  
editor: Jelena Radojev    

HIP for EKI presents the first electronic collection of the most important prefaces to Early Italian Keyboard printed editions, as well as some theoretical treatises regarding the early keyboard performance practice.

The sources contain a great amount of information about the musical repertoire, instruments and performance practice of the Italian Seicento; I hope that students and researchers who start to work in this field may find helpful my present collection, although I do not provide any translation for the original Italian source.

HIP for EKI should represent an evolving project. Initially, I’ve decided to digitize every preface to early keyboard Italian editions, when I realized that it was virtually impossible to find on the internet any among the texts now included in my HIP index. After including some passages from Diruta's and Antegnati's discussing the way which the organ stops should, or may never be used, and on the nature of different Tuoni, and Armonie peculiar to each of the Tuoni, adding a section concerned with early temperament came as a natural consequence.

This is a non-profit website project. It is made available to scholars for non-commercial educational use and scholarship. The HIP for EKI claims copyright on the compilation, the Introduction, and all individual text and graphics files created. I wont be responsible for any improper or unlawful use of the materials contained in HIP for EKI.

Editorial Criteria

This edition is based entirely on original sources. I digitized the text of the facsimile editions; using exclusively photographic reproductions. This is true for all texts included in my collection, except for one: Frescobaldi’s Preface to Fiori Musicali .
It is my wish to extend the present collection furthermore – by creating the fourth section where contemporary scholars may publish their articles on Early performance practice, not necessarily Italian and not necessarily only a keybord performance practice.
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field of interest:
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  • musicology


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